Viti Water Sports operates diving tours aboard Captain Cook Cruises and cater for certified, occasional and first time divers.

Scuba diving travel with us is a breeze! Our all inclusive scuba diving adventure travel vacations are popular with outgoing individuals from all over the world! We supply everything but your personal gear and towels. On board we offer offer top of the line high quality rental gear for those who require it.

  • Swim throughs, caves, coral bommies and breathtaking coral gardens are some of the highlights you may experience.
  • For first time divers, a gentle entrance from the shores of a tropical island will see you exploring the spectacular fringing coral reefs.
  • Dive sites will vary depending on the cruise and conditions and most are accessed by small boat.
  • Generally, two dives are offered daily wherever possible.

The average dive duration is 40 minutes and dives are undertaken subject to weather conditions, dive experience and cruise itinerary requirements.


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